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Biotique Bio-Almond Oil Soap Nourishing Body Bathing Bar & Cleanser

By Biotique

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Biotique Bio-Almond Oil Soap Nourishing Body Bathing Bar & Cleanser

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Pack Type Box Pack
Package Content 150 g / 5.25 oz
Usage / Expiry 6 Months
Additional Information Not Applicable

Benefits, Dosage, Indications, Side Effects, Composition, Ingredients

Biotique Bio-Almond Oil Nourishing Body Soap Cleanser is blended with nourishing almond, margosa and coconut oils, mixed with tumeric and wild turmeric, to gently wash away body impurities, without disturbing the skin's natural pH balance. Recommended for sensitive body types. Almonds are the earliest and most nutritious of the entire world's nut crops, rich in soothing Vitamin E and other antioxidants known to improve and protect the complexion. Useful in treating eczema, pimples and blackheads.

Biotique Bio-Almond Ingredients:
Nariyal tail (Cocos nucifera oil), Erand tail (Ricinus communis oil), Neem Tail (Azadirchta indica oil), Badam tail (Prunus amygdalus oil), Ban Haldi tail (Curcuma aromatica oil), Haldi (curcumalonga), Cleanser base Q.S.

Biotique Bio-Almond Usage:
Gently work up a foamy lather, and rinse.

* With pure fruits and vegetable extracts.