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Baidyanath Shulwarjini Bati For Colic

By Baidyanath

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Baidyanath Shulwarjini Bati For Colic

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Product Facts

Pack Type Plastic Bottle
Package Content 40 tablets
Usage / Expiry 6 Months
Additional Information Not Applicable

Product Description

Baidyanath Shulwarjini Bati is herbomineral Ayurvedic medicine which is used to treat digestive system related problem. This medicine is beneficial in abdominal pain, abdominal gas and in all type of colic. Baidyanath Shulwarjini bati helps to remove toxins from body and improves digestive power.

Baidyanath Shulwarjini Bati Ingredients:
* Kajjali
* Lauh Bhasma
* Hing
* Tankan
* Trikatu
* Trifala
* Jaiphal
* Shankha
* Bhasma

Baidyanath Shulwarjini Bati Dosage:
1 to 2 tabs with water thrice a day or as directed by medical practitioner or an ayurveda physician.